Hey Everyone! When I started looking around for competition bikinis I was slightly disappointed to find how expensive some of them are. I wanted to make this video to help anyone that is trying to find a competition bikini, but that might be on a budget. Competing can get expensive so anything to cut down on the costs is very helpful! Here are some links to the websites I have personally used and others to some I thought might be helpful. I have never rented a bikini, but I know someone who has an had a good experience with it. Hope this helps! 🙂

To Purchase a Competition Suit:
(What I used)

(She also has a shop on etsy)

To Rent a Competition Suit:
Rent Suits:


(I recommend not going below 8mm for stone size- 12mm,16mm,18mm,20mm , 24mm & 30mm are ideal and not going any bigger then 30mm. Also, I used flatback rhinestones, but you can also use the hotfix if you have a tool- I just wasn’t sure how well they would hold up on the type of fabric mine is made out of)


Thanks for watching!

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