WARNING: Annoying buzzing noise throughout the video, keep the volume low(or turn it off)!

Seventh California Girl Bikini Contest at Oscar’s Night Club in Anaheim, California.
Among the contestants Tiffany Weston, Sharis Savage, Christie Mitchell, Julie Kruis, Kimberly Schreyer and famous pornstar Dyanna Lauren!


1.Tiffany (Tiffany Weston) 2:00
2.Sharis (Sharis Savage) 7:54
3.Rosie 13:38
4.Christi (Christi Mitchell) 18:47
5.Julie W. 24:12
6.Yvonne 28:45
7.Dyanna (Dyanna Lauren) 33:09
8.Julie (Julie Kruis) 37:53
9.Valerie 42:54
10.Sherry 47:25
11.Mandy 51:21
12.Kim (Kimberly Schreyer) 56:25
13.Nancy 1:02:12
14.Bernardette (Bernardette Strom) 1:07:10
15.Colleen 1:12:10
16.Penny 1:16:59

Category: Micro Bikini