The California Girl Bikini Contest #15(Part 1, Aerobics) at Oscar’s Night Club in
Anaheim, California.The insane line-up includes Tiffany Ann(Cheryl Johnson),
Brooke Thompson, Bianca McEachin, Brandy Wade, Lynnondria Haig, Dana Loury,
Jeannie Sweet, Karen Croney, Pamela Brown, Christy Mitchell and Julie «Blaze» Fulkerson.
On this contest Yours Truly is partial to Christy Mitchell but there’s plenty of gourgeous on show!
Part 2 coming soon!


1.Michelle 2:10
2.Brandy (Brandy Wade) 4:50
3.Sharis(Sharis Savage) 7:24
4.Karen (Karen Croney) 9:52
5.Tess (Lynnondria Haig) 12:27
6.Lei 15:24
7.Christy T. 17:53
8.Sheri (Sheri Steele) 20:21
9.Bianca (Bianca McEachin) 22:47
10.Tammy 25:14
11.Marisa (Marisa Davi) 27:31
12.Venus 29:48
13.Tara 32:24
14.Christy M.(Christy Mitchell) 35:06
15.Jeannie (Jeannie Sweet) 37:45
16.Dana (Dana Loury) 40:14
17.Tiffany Ann (Cheryl Johnson) 42:44
18.Chelsea 45:20
19.Nancy 47:42
20.Julie (Julie «Blaze» Fulkerson) 50:09
21.Bridget (Brooke Thompson) 52:14
22.Pam (Pamela Brown) 54:46

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