13th California Girl Bikini Contest at Oscar’s Night Club in Anaheim, California.
This is a first round with 15 partecipants.You won’t believe this line-up!
My personal favorites, Julie «Blaze» Fulkerson and Brooke Thompson are joined by Hope Marie Carlton,
Jacqueline Guerra, Pamela Brown, Jeannie Sweet, Cheryl Johnson and Christy Sandoval!Who will make it to the final?
And who the hell is U.T.U. ?!


1.Brenda 1:19
2.Virginia 5:59
3.Julie (Julie «Blaze» Fulkerson) 10:39
4.Ultra Tight Unit(!?) 14:39
5.Ashley 19:38
6.Erika 24:17
7.Hope (Hope Marie Carlton) 29:14
8.Jacqueline (Jacqueline Guerra) 33:43
9.Pamela (Pamela Brown) 37:36
10.Chelsea 42:10
11.Bridget (Brooke Thompson) 47:30
12.Jeannie (Jeannie Sweet) 51:59
13.Tiffany Ann (Cheryl Johnson) 55:35
14.Christy (Christy Sandoval) 1:00:37
15.Mercedes 1:04:27

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