The California Girl Bikini Contest #11 at Oscar’s Night Club in Anaheim, California.
This is a first round with 20 contestants!Monster line-up includes Tiffany Weston,
Bianca McEachin, Julie Kruis, Jacqueline Guerra, Kimberly Schreyer, Julie «Blaze» Fulkerson,
Christy Sandoval, Brooke Thompson, Jeannie Sweet and Sherrie Steele.


1.Tiffany (Tiffany Weston) 0:43
2.Nancy 4:36
3.Cheserea 8:14
4.Bianca (Bianca McEachin) 11:54
5.Julie (Julie Kruis) 15:11
6.Dani 18:25
7.Jacqueline (Jacqueline Guerra) 22:06
8.Kim (Kimberly Schreyer) 25:41
9.Nancy 29:34
10.Julie (Julie «Blaze» Fulkerson) 33:38
11.Karen 37:24
12.Christy (Christy Sandoval) 40:12
13.Stacey P. 43:44
14.Destiny 48:00
15.Brigitte (Brooke Thompson) 51:40
16.Penny 55:31
17.Mercedes 59:28
18.Stacey M. 1:02:56
19.Jeannie (Jeannie Sweet) 1:07:09
20.Sherrie (Sherrie Steele) 1:10:33

Category: Micro Bikini