Bikini Competition is only 10 days away and Alita is hard at work with her training schedule, fitness routines and meal plans.

Getting a Bikini body takes a lot of hard word, dedication not to mention mental strength.

She is training for the OPA Bikini Competition and is super excited and I’d say nervous too. She’s a champ though. She’s taking it one day at a time and is very focused and determined. She looks absolutely amazing. It’s her first competition ever so that makes things extra unpredictable.

I caught Alita in the kitchen making preparing her meal, which consisted of sweet potatoes, some yummy fish and some avocado. Everyone is always asking her what she eats. After all, being able to sport that bikini on stage takes a specific meal plan.

I can’t wait to go support her on that stage. Bikini competition here we come! You’ll do great 🙂

xoxoxo -Sebastian

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